Why Us ?

If you are looking for a sumptuous slice of pizza, please do not settle for mediocrity. No wonder a pizza slice that is well crafted is a delicacy to relish. It depends on many things, from sauces to toppings, cheese to crust.

Our authentic pizza comes with a crispy crust. Not only is the crust crispy on the outside, but it melts in your mouth right at the first bite. This is made possible because our pizzas are baked in wood-burning ovens. And you cannot help feeling the subtle yeasty flavor at the back of your pallet, a testament to the fresh dough we use to make our pizzas.

There is something special about our pizzas. You will know that you are eating an excellent slice of pizza when the cheese on it stretches out at each bite. Notice the perfectly melted cheese on our pizzas that is smooth and uniform.And the cheese we use does not moisten the crust,despite being gooey and stringy.

Our pizza sauces are traditional and authentic. They are seasoned with fresh salt, garlic, and basil. This creates a conclusively robust flavor without being overwhelming. Care is taken to evenly distribute the sauce over a pizza so you can enjoy it at every bite.Again, the dressing is applied only enough that it may not make the crust moist and soggy.

Not only do we offer an array of toppings, but care is taken to distribute them evenly over the pizza. Our pizzas are a work of art, with every slice showcasing all the toppings ordered by the customer. Still, we do not overdo the toppings so that other aspects of our pizza may retain their sheen and flavor.

So now, call us whenever you crave an authentic slice of pizza.